Famous Sebagak Wheatley

One of the most famous and renowned Sepak Takraw players is goalkeeper Munirristsen. He is originally from Ghana but has been playing football in the United Arab Emirates since 1996. Born in a village near Ouidah, Ghana, Munirristsen first played the game of soccer at a very young age. He was known to be a natural talent even then. He made his debut for the Ghanaian national team when he was only 16 years old and did not disappoint the Ghanaians.

Famous Sebagak Wheatley

One of the most notable players of the time, who played for the Ghanaians wasforward Samuel Eto’ope. As an attacking player, Eto’ope was known for his goals and his adventurous moves which earned him a lot of admirers.

This player excelled in both the attacking and defensive positions. The Ghanaians won two African Nations tournaments in the early 80’s. Two of these tournaments saw the team win the trophy for the most titles in the tournament.

Two other famous players of the time, who also played for Ghana areforward Kwame Boateng and defender George Boateng. Both are now retired and from playing soccer, they have earned a lot of achievements.

They became the first black African football player in history after breaking barriers set by other coloured players. Now, both are popularly recognized as two of the most popular and influential black African football players of all time. Both played a major role in the evolution of black football in the region.

Two other black players who were born to Ghanaians, were defenders George Akinfenwa and goalkeeper Samuel Eto’o. These two players along with Boateng formed what is known today as the Ghana National Team which has qualified for the World Cup tournament in Korea and Japan this year. Both of them impressed the world when they played in their respective countries during the qualification games and impressed the coach of the World Cup team, Piers Barnes.

It was then that both players were selected to play in the first World Cup game in Africa and their performance lifted the confidence of the Ghanaians even more. This gave them the confidence to perform better during the remaining games.

In the four games that they played, they took an impressive 6th place which made them the most favourite to win the World Cup. When the dust settled, they ended up second and third. This gave them the much needed boost to gain more popularity worldwide.

As they missed out on the World Cup, their form declined but still they retained their place in the African league where they are second behind league leaders Cape Town. However, their slump did not last long as they won their next match by a large margin to regain second position.

It has been a great feeling to see Sebagak Wheatley in the shirt of the Ghana team since he started playing for the national team. He has impressed the fans and the coach with his every action which has made him a very popular player in the whole country.

There have been times when Ghana did not have a single forward to call upon thus the whole team had to rely on each other for results. This often created chaos within the team as different players tried to make a contribution to the good form of the others.

However, with good players like Sebagak Wheatley around, things can be sorted out soon. With experience and the new looks that he has acquired from Van Buuren, it is expected that he will bring good results soon.

The name of Sebagak Wheatley is very famous all over the world. There is no doubt that any Ghanaian football player will do anything just to be part of the World Cup teams and win the trophy.

Though it is far off, one can always hope and expect a lot from the team. So, those people who are not too close to this glorious event, let us all make our own dreams come true by watching the most exciting game that we have to enjoy – the soccer world cup.