How Has Salah Adnan Takraw Led the Earthquakes to a League Title?

How Has Salah Adnan Takraw Led the Earthquakes to a League Title?

How Has Salah Adnan Takraw Led the Earthquakes to a League Title?

Selam Azlan, a versatile player for both club and country, is the latest to be touted as the best player in the whole game. Already one of the all-time leading goalscorer in Malaysia, Selam Azlan belongs to the league’s top five scorers in this season.

Playing at the top of his position, Azlan scores most of his goals from set-pieces. His five goals from corners this season are already tops in the league. Here are some of his top performance tips for those who would like to follow him in the next season:

Know the Role of a Goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is not only the oldest player in the league, he is also the most experienced of all of them. This season he has already played more games than any other. A goalkeeper is the most important player in the game who makes sure that the defense maintains its shape. It is also his job to make sure that the opposing team does not get the chance of taking extra shots that can lead to scores.

Catching the ball is also a key role in the game. Aside from being the most experienced among all, Takraw also happens to be the fastest. Being able to keep up with the ball at all times will certainly help any player stay in control of the game.

Offering a Guide. Unlike other defenders in the league, Takraw is more focused on providing his own protection. He is the best player who keeps on advising the team on how to play their game. Unlike other defenders, he follows his own practices and never seems to be bothered about being scored. He continues to work hard on improving his skills and this has enabled him to keep up with the best.

Catching the Defender. Aside from being the most experienced defender, Takraw is also considered to be the best one who keeps on preventing other players from scoring a goal. If he can prevent a goal from going in, he has to then do his best to keep it out.

Focusing on his Strengths. As already mentioned, Takraw is one of the best defenders in the league. However, he is also the one who gives the most effort. This is why he has been given the responsibility of leading the attack. He has to keep up with the great performance of his teammates and he has to continue to be focused on the goal.

Being Relaxed during the Game. While many players are too excited and worried about winning or losing, Takraw prefers to maintain a laid back attitude. He also knows that even though he is playing in the MLS, every game is not an exhibition game. He believes that every game is still a game and as such, it does not matter how hard he plays during the first half or the second half.

A Great Goal scorer. Takraw has been named the MLS player of the month once. This is quite an achievement for a player who is just now entering the league. Even though he only started playing football two years ago, he is already making a name for himself in the MLS. If he continues to play like he has been doing, there is no doubt that he will be in the All-Star team very soon.

His Leadership. Though he is just 22, Takraw is already showing leadership qualities. He has helped guide his team to victory many times and is a great example for the other young players. He is someone who is willing to listen to his coaches and vets, and he is always ready to give his hundred percent. Injuries are also something he has to deal with as he has been named to the bench more than once during the course of the season.

Good on the field. This is a very important quality because in order for players to play at a high level, they have to be good in the field. The problem with some of the starters in the team is that they do not perform well in the field.

Takraw is a player who can be counted on to give his all. There have been times when he has been subbed early in the games, but he has always been confident and has refused to give up. In fact, he has said that being a starter is much more satisfying than playing in the field.

A little selfish. When players know that they are the best, they tend to think about themselves first. Takraw does not do this. As a starter, he has also learned how to share the ball well with teammates. That is why he has been named as the player of the week twice. Some other players might have done better, but Takraw still remains to be one of the best in the league.