How Many Players in a Takraw Team?

How many players can a team have before it is called for the break? This is often asked by novice players to an experienced player about their team of choice. The answer to this question will always remain ‘as many as you can afford to lose’. This rule is applied to all games played on the basis of the rule of numbers.

How Many Players in a Takraw Team?

There are many variables involved in a match including the teams and their abilities, the playing conditions, the weather etc. It is impossible to take into consideration all these factors at the same time.

So this rule of thumb suggests that a team can start with as many players as they want if there is an adequate number of breakers in their favor. If their number of breakers is less than nine then they can have as many players as they want. The same rule applies if their number of breakers is higher than nine.

Each player has to maintain a proper working pace. They should not slow down when they see a rival player on their team playing. The rules state that every team member must play according to the speed which is reasonable and fair.

If a player slows down during a game then that team member can be disqualified from playing and that would mean losing that particular game. It is also better for the team to win the game rather than loose because losing a single game can lead to the disqualification of a team member and this is a reason why almost all teams employ a coach and a manager for the sole purpose of helping the players to improve their skills.

The playing area should be kept clear. Every player should be able to see where he is playing. This makes the game more realistic and exciting. The pitch should be maintained clear and there should be no obstruction in the playing area. The playing surface should also be maintained in good condition.

The ball should be played with an awareness of touch and control. There should be enough room available for all the players to play. All the players should have enough space and should not be restricted by the length of the pitch. The team should not rush to play instead they should take their time to think and decide in order to win the game.

The team should maintain their positions at all times. When a player is out of position then that player should immediately replace himself without waiting for the rest of the team. Many times a team member tends to play too much or even too less than his colleagues.

When this happens the team loses its balance and there are chances for the whole team to fall apart. In order to avoid such a situation a team member should stand out and play more but according to the rules of the game.

It is better for the players to form an alliance to work as a team and learn how to play well together. Joining a league is one option for an aspiring player to learn and improve. Many such leagues offer free training sessions and there are other ones that offer cash prizes for winning games. Free playing fields and clinics can be found quite easily.

The most important thing for a player to know how many players in a sepak takraw team depends on how fast he or she can run and how good he or she is at shooting. If a player is good at shooting then he will have a great chance of making it in the competitive league.

One should try to improve their fitness levels and increase their endurance levels to play well. There should be a good balance between the strength and agility levels of the player. If the player has any special training methods that may help him or her to achieve this.