Sepak Takraw Court Dividers

sepak takraw court dividers

To play Sepak Takraw, you’ll need a volleyball-style court measuring approximately 20′ X 44′. It should have a net across the center and different boundary lines drawn on each side for safety.

You’ll also require a sturdy flooring product free of divots and mounts. Artificial turf is ideal, as it drains water quickly and won’t become soggy in rainy weather.


Netting is an integral component of any game court, from basketball and volleyball courts to football fields and more. Not only does it ensure safety and comfort on the court, but adding netting can be a cost-effective solution for multi-sport facilities, gyms and even sports teams.

Sepak takraw is an athletic game that blends elements of soccer and volleyball. Players compete against one another to kick the ball over their net and into their opponents’ court, making this sport one of Southeast Asia’s most beloved activities.

International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) oversees the game internationally. Major tournaments include ISTAF SuperSeries, ISTAF World Cup and King’s Cup World Championships; additionally, it is included in Philippine elementary and high school curricula.

Sepak takraw is unique among other games in that it’s a team sport. Two teams compete against each other, each fielding three players each, with the first team to score 21 points winning the set.

Sepak takraw follows the same rules as other volleyball sports. The court measures 20′ X 44′ with a center line drawn in the middle and quarter circles drawn at either end of it.

A spherical ball is used in the game, constructed from synthetic fibre in a single woven layer. Regulated by ISTAF, it must have 12 holes and 20 intersections to qualify for competitions; men’s circumference should range between 0.41m- 0.43m, while women’s should range between 0.42m-0.44m. Likewise, their weight should range between 170 – 180 grams for men and 150 – 160 grams respectively.

Speed volleyball is a fast-paced game marked by acrobatic kicks. Although similar to Cuju and Da Cau, Speed volleyball stands out due to its many differences.

Canada has a national organization called Sepak Takraw Association of Canada. Headquartered in Regina, Saskatchewan, they have teams located across Canada and regularly host tournaments.


Sepak takraw is a volleyball-style sport played on an oval court measuring 20′ X 44′, similar to double badminton courts. It is overseen internationally by the International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF), with major competitions like ISTAF SuperSeries, World Cup and King’s Cup taking place throughout the year.

Played as two teams called regu, with one player on each side, or four teams per quadrant, regu is a fast-paced team game that requires quick reactions.

Traditional Sepak Takraw is played with hand-woven rattan balls. However, modern Sepak Takraw uses a spherical ball made of synthetic fibre or one woven layer that is slightly larger than a tennis ball.

For practice and recreational play, players can use a spherical ball covered in rubber or soft durable material to reduce impact on players’ bodies. However, this must first be approved by ISTAF. Alternatively, foam-covered balls may also be used.

To play, players take turns serving and knocking over several cones on the opposite side of the court. Each time a corner cone is knocked over, their team scores a point.

Once a set is decided, the team with the highest score is declared the victor. However, a team may lose a set if it cannot reach 21 points or if there has been no winner declared.

Sepak takraw is an increasingly popular sport that’s gaining worldwide acceptance. This indoor/outdoor game can be enjoyed by players of any fitness level and provides them with an opportunity to stay fit while developing teamwork skills. Sepak takraw offers great health benefits as well as opportunities for teambuilding activities.

An exciting new activity for children at school or athletic facilities can be a great addition. Additionally, it serves to bring people from different backgrounds together and strengthen community ties.

The game is a national sport in Thailand and also popular in Indonesia, Laos and the Philippines. It often takes place alongside other sports like football, basketball or volleyball.


Sepak takraw, commonly referred to as kick volleyball, is an exciting team sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. With a similar structure to volleyball, it’s governed by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF).

To play double badminton, you’ll need a court that’s roughly 44 feet by 20 feet. Install a net across the center of the court and secure it with fencing if desired; this helps keep balls contained.

Athletes must wear appropriate sportswear that shields their body from ball impact. Additionally, they need to make sure they have appropriate footwear in order to minimize injury risks.

Furthermore, protective padding must be applied to the lower edges and corners of a backboard – particularly if it is rectangular in shape.

Players must not wear long hair during the game. They should wear a headband that covers their ears and secure any loose locks to avoid tangles or safety risks.

Athletes should also refrain from jumping, running or dancing during the game as these activities can cause injuries that are difficult to treat.

In this sport, injuries are frequent and usually involve the ankles. The most frequent type of ankle injury is a sprain due to the acrobatic skills required to play the game.

If you’re serious about playing sepak takraw, make sure to practice regularly. Doing this will guarantee your readiness when competition day arrives so that you can give your best performance.

To play sepak takraw, you’ll need a ball made of synthetic fiber that measures 0.41 meters in diameter for men and 0.42 meters for women. Additionally, the ball must be padded with synthetic rubber covering and approved by the International Sepak Takraw Federation before competition can commence.


Sepak takraw is an enjoyable sport that can be played both indoors and outdoors. It’s similar to volleyball in that a team of two or four kicks the ball around.

Sepak takraw is best played in a well-lit court. Without proper lighting, it may be difficult to see the ball or keep it contained, making lighting essential.

LED lights are the optimal choice, as they generate minimal heat. Furthermore, 93 to 97% of their energy output is converted directly into usable light output instead of heat waste.

Due to their long lifespan of up to 80000 hours, LEDs offer more than three times the life of standard bulbs and make for an excellent investment for long-term installations.

They make for an ideal choice for small spaces as they use less energy than traditional fluorescent or metal halide lamps, saving you money over their lifespan – an advantage when looking at long term installation plans.

A lit Sepak Takraw court is an excellent way to enhance your experience during games or entertain guests. You can even incorporate it into your overall theme. Furthermore, you can install a special lighting system that will display all relevant information about your event or game.