Sepak Takraw Shoes

sepak takraw shoes

Sepak takraw is a team sport that requires feet to kick the ball across a net. Similar to volleyball but with more of an urban twist.

Many Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, enjoy playing this popular game. Additionally, it has gained traction in the Philippines and Thailand.


Sepak takraw is a sport where teams of two to four players compete on a court that looks similar to badminton. Players use their feet, knees, shoulders and chest to hit the ball over an imaginary net similar to volleyball’s.

International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) administers the game internationally, and FIFA has recognized it as part of the Association World Game family. It can be played in many Asian countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar Laos Vietnam and Cambodia.

Playing this game requires a net and hand-woven rattan ball. The net typically consists of fine cord or nylon with an eight centimeter mesh size.

Additionally, the game requires wearing protective gears and shoes. These lightweight footwear features flat soles for excellent traction on surfaces, plus extra padding to shield players’ feet from frequent jumping and landings.

Sepak takraw is a widely enjoyed sport across Southeast Asia. It goes by various names depending on where it originates, such as Sepak Raga in Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia; Takraw in Thailand; Rago and Sipa in the Philippines; Chinlone in Myanmar; Kataw in Laos; and Sek Dai in Cambodia.

The exact origins of the game are uncertain, but it is believed to have been inspired by Chinese game Cuju, which FIFA recognizes as the earliest form of soccer. Nowadays, it is an internationally competitive sport contested annually and has become an integral part of South East Asian sports culture.


Sepak takraw, or Malaysian Teppanyaki, is an exciting sport that originated in Southeast Asia and has since gained widespread global appeal. Developed during the 1940s by ISTAF (International Sepak Takraw Federation), sepak takraw now features two teams of 2-4 players competing on a court similar to volleyball or badminton courts for an entertaining, fast-paced match.

The game is played with a hand-woven rattan ball that’s smaller than a volleyball and spherical in shape. For men’s or women’s teams, the ball should measure 42 to 44 cm circumference (men’s) or 43 to 45 cm (women’s) and weigh between 170 and 180 g (6.0-6.3 oz).

At the back serving line, players stand behind it while their teammates stand within service circles closer to the net on each side of the court. A server serves the ball to a feeder or killer who then takes their non-serving foot inside each quarter circle and moves in any direction on the court until they hit it and send it over it.

If the ball fails to cross the net, the opposing team receives a point and can serve three times in an effort to send it past. After each serve is made, possession of the serve is passed back to their team.

Rules of Play for Sepak Takraw Shoes

In Sepak Takraw, players are not permitted to hold the ball on their body or with their hands. Instead, they must use their feet, heads, knees or chest to touch it before kicking it over the net.

The sport of table tennis rose to popularity during the 1940s when unified rules were instituted and has become an integral part of Asian Games ever since. Additionally, it holds regular World Championships. It’s now widely popular across America’s Asian communities as a fun and entertaining sport.


Sepak takraw shoes are an integral component of the sport, as they enable players to kick the ball efficiently and have a flat sole that provides better grip on ground surfaces. Nanyang, a well-known Thai brand, manufactures these shoes.

Sepak Takraw is an Asian skill ball game that blends volleyball’s teamwork with badminton’s finesse. It requires quick reflexes, coordination and agility to play on a court similar to that of double badminton.

Sport of sepaktakraw is a popular pastime in Southeast Asia, though less common elsewhere. The International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF) oversees international competitions.

Sepak takraw requires two essential items to begin playing: a net and ball. Men typically prefer using a handwoven rattan ball, while women may opt for synthetic fiber balls.

Another essential piece of equipment for playing sepak takraw is a pair of tennis shoes. These should be comfortable and lightweight to avoid injury when playing.

When selecting sepak takraw shoes, take into account your feet’s size and shape. Make sure the shoe doesn’t feel too tight or baggy as this could disrupt your foot’s position while performing exercises.

Sepak takraw shoes should have a flat sole that allows you to kick the ball without fear of breaking your feet. Furthermore, they should feature extra padding for comfort and protection.

Other essential items for sepak takraw include a playing jersey, protective guards and tennis shoes. Having this equipment can help you learn the game faster and hone your skills faster. These items can be acquired at any sports equipment retailer or online.


Sepak takraw is a sport enjoyed by both men and women throughout Southeast Asia. Regulated internationally by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF), teams compete in multiple tournaments around the world.

Sepak Takraw is a team sport similar to Volleyball and Badminton. It is played on a net with two teams called’regu’, each with three players. Players use their feet, hands and head to touch the ball before sending it back over the net. The aim is for your team to score as many points as possible before their opposition does so.

Playing Sepak Takraw requires players to wear lightweight shoes with flat soles. Additionally, these shoes should have extra padding for protection from all the jumping and landing required during this game.

In addition to shoes, each player must also possess a Sepak Takraw ball made of either rattan or synthetic fiber. For men’s game, these balls must measure 42-44 cm in circumference and 43-45 cm for women’s match; additionally, these balls must weigh 170-180 g for male games and 150-160 g for female matches.

A Sepak Takraw player’s most basic kick is an inside kick. This involves striking the ball with one leg while bending the other slightly; though this move requires considerable skill and athleticism, it is achievable if they possess sufficient stamina and agility.

Sepak Takraw is a beloved sport in both the United States and Canada. Initially introduced by Lao immigrants in the 1970s, it quickly gained notoriety after Saskatchewan teacher Richard Engel included it in Asian Sport, Education and Culture International’s school presentation program. Through his efforts, schools and physical education teachers across Canada were introduced to Sepak Takraw; later that same year he organized an interprovincial Sepak Takraw tournament as part of Asian Sport Education Culture International’s first Canadian inter-provincial Sepak Takraw tournament.


Sepak takraw shoes are designed to offer comfort to players while playing the game. They’re lightweight with flat soles for excellent grip on ground surfaces. Furthermore, these shoes have extra padding inside to protect players’ feet from repetitive jumping and landing.

Nanyang, a well-known Thai brand, produces these shoes. These come in various sizes and colors so you can pick one that best fits your foot size. Furthermore, these shoes are highly durable and resistant to wear-and-tear; making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

These shoes offer a comfortable fit and are crafted with rubber and canvas material for long-lasting quality. Not only that, but their ability to withstand tough situations provides them with excellent grip on the ground as well.

These shoes are lightweight and provide great support to your ankles, making them essential equipment for anyone playing sepak takraw.

Contrary to other sports, players in lacrosse cannot touch or hold the ball with their hands. Instead, they may use either their chins or soles of feet for contact.

The ball used in the game is spherical in shape and usually composed of synthetic fibre or one woven layer. Men’s balls should have a circumference between 42 to 44 cm while women’s range from 43 to 45 cm. Weight should range between 170-180 grams for men and 150-160 grams for women.

The net used in this game should resemble a volleyball net and be flat and uniform in shape. It should be 0.7m wide and 6.10m long, with tape at both top and sideline.