Sepak Takraw – What Position Usually Used Hands During Sepak Takraw?

what position usually used hands during service in sepak takraw

Sepak takraw, or “kick volleyball”, is a team sport that has gained widespread popularity throughout Southeast Asia. Played with either a ball made of rattan or synthetic plastic between two teams of two to four players on what looks like an indoor badminton court, sepak takraw offers players the chance to hit their opponent with precision and speed.

Team sports typically involve each player playing a particular position, necessitating physical fitness, flexibility and teamwork to succeed.

The Tekong

Sepak takraw is a game played between two teams, each with three players. Each position in the match has an important role; for example, the server stands in the centre of the court while Feeder and Striker/Killer take up positions on either side.

The Tekong (server) typically serves the ball by hitting it across the net with high velocity, making it difficult for opponents to defend it.

Players must not touch the ball while serving, unlike volleyball where players use their hands to serve.

After Tekong serves, players are free to move around their courts as long as they remain within the circle and quadrants of their team. Furthermore, they have the option to hit the ball into other players’ courts if desired.

If a player hits the ball into an opponent’s court, they are awarded a point as it has bounced at least once on that side before being hit.

Points are scored, and a team wins a match when they win both sets. Each set is played to 21 points unless one side loses a set and moves into tie-break play.

The game of sepak takraw is a fast-paced one that requires great skill and precision. It can also be physically demanding, so taking breaks to recover and refresh is important. Children should never play more than 3 sets simultaneously as this may lead to injuries. For best results, practice and warm up before engaging in any game of sepak takraw.

The Bowler

Sepak takraw, also known as kick volleyball, is a ball game played between two teams of three players. It’s similar to volleyball but instead of using hands for touch and handling the ball, players must use their feet, knees, chest and head to kick it over the net.

The International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF) oversees the game, hosting major competitions like the ISTAF World Cup and Super Series annually. Furthermore, sepak takraw is part of both Asian Games and Southeast Asian Games events.

Sepak takraw is played on a court similar to badminton. The ball used in this game is made up of either rattan or synthetic materials.

During service, the Tekong on one side will throw the ball to the Bowler who then serves it to the opposite Tekong. Once this exchange has taken place, all players in their circles and quadrants can move freely around the court.

While Tekong serves the ball, two players on the other side of the court will take up positions near the net – these are known as Setter and Striker.

Once the Tekong has served, both setter and striker will take their individual shots at getting the ball over the net. The setter attempts to kick it back to the Tekong for a goal.

Each player can hit the ball a maximum of three times. If they fail to return it over the net, their opponent will score a point. Once both teams reach 21 points in one set, that team becomes victorious; furthermore, any team winning two sets wins the match.

The Striker

A striking player is the primary forward for their team, being the first person on the field when the ball comes up and having time to pass it off to other members of their unit. As such, they play an integral role in providing protection and communication for their teammates.

Strikers must possess the primary ball handling skill as well as control of it to make it travel across the field. To do this, they must utilize their feet, chest and head to kick the ball accurately and consistently.

Strikers’ primary responsibility is scoring goals for their team. To do this, they need to be swift on their feet and possess the power of hitting the ball hard enough that it bounces high over the goalkeeper’s head.

Another essential skill of a striking player is their ability to set other players up for shots at goal. This can be done by pulling defenders away from their positions or holding the ball up when other players come into play.

Sepak takraw is a sport of technique, and one popular technique involves raising one’s knees as high as possible in order to kick the ball upwards.

Other common kicks include the inside kick, outside kick and header which involves using the forehead to serve or kick the ball. These can be used when the ball is too high for a normal kick or too close to the net for an inside kick.

The Outside Kick

Sepak Takraw is an ancient sport that originated in Malaysia around 500 years ago and has since spread throughout Southeast Asia. It’s played with a ball made of either rattan or synthetic fiber.

Playing this game is similar to volleyball, except the players don’t use their hands to touch the ball; rather, they use their feet, knees and heads for control of the ball.

A match is played between two teams, known as “regus”, with each consisting of three players. One player on each side is known as the “tekong”, who stands in the center of the court and acts as referee for all plays.

Once the tekong serves the ball, all other members of the team are free to move around the court. However, no player may leave his circle (the tekong) or quadrant (bowler and striker) until after he returns with the ball.

When kicking the tekong, their leg should be angled at the knee and both feet and calves should point outwards. Experienced sepak takraw players may execute a horse kick – an upward shot that moves the ball over their heads or shoulders.

This shot can be difficult to execute, but is worth attempting if you are an experienced takraw player. The inside kick is one of the most basic and common types of kick in sepak takraw.

Sepak takraw is an enjoyable sport that promotes fitness and agility. Not only do you learn the fundamental skills, but you can also hone various kicks, spikes and serves. The game can be played indoors or outdoors on either sand or grass courts; its rules resemble volleyball but instead use rattan or synthetic balls instead of spherical ones for play.

The Inside Kick

Sepak takraw is an ancient sport with roots in Southeast Asia. It’s played two-on-two or three-on-three with a net similar to badminton for propelling a rattan ball over it.

Players use their feet, legs and torso to propel the ball in and out of the net. It is an incredibly fast game; whichever team scores 21 points wins a set.

The Inside Kick is one of the most crucial kicks in sepak takraw, as it sets up an overhead spike and helps control the ball. Cues for successful execution include keeping your eye on the ball, using your inside foot, and not swinging too hard.

At Sepaktakraw, several kinematics variables were examined for their correlation with ball speed. Horizontal and foot-to-foot distances from stance to ball contact and during back swing were measured; kicking foot speed was assessed from digital video footage. Relationships between these kinematics variables and ball speed were statistically analysed using SPSS correlation and linear multiple regression models.

A match should be played on a court that meets the regulations set out by ITSAF, with an official Sepak Takraw ball. A coin toss determines who serves first.