The Best Player’s Shoe – Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw is the name of a particular brand of cricket shoes that is commonly used in Pakistan. It is considered as the official shoe of PCB, the PCB’s governing body. These shoes are also known as Puma Bangladesh and Puma International.

They are available in two kinds – conventional full sole and high-performance EVA. Both these shoes have a stupendous collection of features that make them the leading players’ choice in the field.

The Best Player’s Shoe – Sepak Takraw

In fact, the best players of this game keep using it even after their playing career is over. They are known to wear these shoes for both practice and official matches. This is because they offer comfort and durability to players.

The latest models are enhanced with some latest features. Some of these features include padded tongues, air pockets at the front and the heel, elastic straps and diamond studded buttons.

Recently, it was announced that Sepak Takraw is the leading sponsor of several professional cricket teams. This has helped the manufacturer get some much sought after recognition. It has bagged sponsorship deals with leading English and Australian players like Michael Yarde, Mark Taylor and Finch.

Its association with this cricketing fraternity goes far back, when it was one of the first companies to endorse players like Brian Statham and Jimmy Ball. At present, it has launched its latest model – Ultimate Fit.

With the advent of technology, every brand wishes to have a niche in the highly competitive and dynamic market. There is no denying the fact that Sepak Takraw is able to maintain a firm grip on its position as the best known and preferred brand among cricket enthusiasts. This is owing to its variety of styles and designs and affordability.

The shoes from this brand are a perfect fit for all occasions. They can be worn to play casual as well as official matches. This means that the best part about these shoes is that they can be worn to any place, anywhere. And due to their light weight and cushioning features, they are comfortable to carry anywhere.

Moreover, the shoes from this renowned brand of shoes are flexible and are designed in such a way that they offer maximum comfort. In addition, the various styles of these shoes are suited for different types of feet. This helps in selecting the shoe according to the shape and size of the user. For example, there is the Balmorals which are flexible shoes meant for those who need flexibility. Then there is the Muddy Puddles which is suitable for those who prefer mud shoes.

With years of experience in production, Sepak Takraw is not surprising to find itself amongst the topmost ranks in the world. It has crafted a reputation for itself as one of the leading brands in the market. And in turn, it has crafted a fan following among the sports enthusiasts. And with each passing season, the popularity of these shoes only increases. From being a small company just a few years back, it has grown into one of the largest players in the shoe industry.

If you want to be the best player in the game, you should definitely consider investing in one of these sneakers. You will not regret it in the long run. These shoes are also great for the fashion-conscious crowd as well.

These shoes are available at most sports goods stores in the country. However, to avoid any hassle, shopping online is recommended. This will ensure that you get the best possible deals without much hassle. And yes, there are many online stores that stock Sepak Takraw products. You can shop right from your desk and in the comfort of your home.

There is a wide range of selection that you can choose from. Some of the best selling selections include the Core Plus, Flight Deck Runner, Flight Deck Booster, Flight Deck Plunger, Flight Deck Tracer, Fast Track Trainers, High Top trainers and so on. To add on to the comfort, the shoes are cushioned using a special outsole known as the Softlex.

It is important that you get the perfect fit for yourself. This is because if the shoes are too loose, then it might cause discomfort. The best way to know for sure is to try them on at the store. Once you get a comfortable fit, then it is probably the best thing you could do to invest on these shoes. So go ahead and get one.