If you have ever watched an expert or even a novice player play, then you surely know how do you play sepak takraw. It is one of those games that are played mostly in Australia. But players from other countries have also picked up the techniques and the basics. However, a word of caution, this game requires a lot of patience and skill, as well as a decent knowledge of the game rules. Here are a few basic rules of how do you play sepak takraw.


Basic rules and points for winning for seak takraw are very similar to basketball. Each team is restricted to a maximum of 3 dribbles of the basketball within the opponents court. The first team to shoot at least 21 goals, either goals or fouls, wins the match. The winner is the team with the most points.

To begin with, it is important to note that there are two types of soccer ball that are used in sepak takraw. There is the standard round ball. This is called the football or soccer ball.

Another type of ball is the ‘sepak’ ball which is round in shape but is normally made from heavy metals and plastic. There are some variations of these basic rules that can be used to enhance the experience and skills of the players.

Each team starts with three members. These members should be chosen arbitrarily and all of them must possess equal skills and fitness levels. This is because the team coach chooses the players according to their ability to shoot the ball and defend it well. The player with the highest kicking ability is usually the one who starts the match.

The player on the left side of the center circle must take the football and face his teammate and aim the ball towards the goal. The player on the right side of the circle must shoot the ball as far as possible towards the goal using his head or any other source of shooter.

If the shot is made and the ball crosses the goal line, the opposing team takes one point for having scored a goal. A corner is awarded to the team that has already won the game.

When a player misses the shot and tries to shoot again using any other source of shooter, a free-kick is awarded to the player who uses the alternate shooting source. The goal cannot be re-take so the chances of scoring a goal are very slim.

In addition to this, the team that scores more goals after the ten minute period is declared the winner of the match. If a team scores more goals after ten minutes than the other team, the team that wins is declared the winner.

A penalty is also given to the player who does not shoot the ball into the opponents goal. If a player tries to play with the ball when he is not allowed to, then a red card is given to him. A team mate is punished by a yellow card and the players on both teams have to play in the same formation, i.e. forward/back, left/right, central/perimeters or defensive/reactive.

Two or more players can step out of their own goal to play along the sides of the central goal. This is known as the ‘circles’ and the ‘venerated circles’. When playing in this way, a team must ensure that there is proper support for each other.

When a player steps out of his circle to play, he must always be supported by at least two other players. The team with the most players on the outside of the circle, is the one that gets the ball from the outside and they are given the penalty.