Types of sepak takraw

Sepak takraw (kick volleyball) is a competitive sport that involves 2 groups of 3 players, known as the left inside, right inside and back. The match takes place at court that’s just about the same size as a badminton court, with a 1.5-meter-tall net. The grapefruit-sized balls are traditionally hand-woven from bamboo or rattan, but modern ones are usually synthetic.

Types of sepak takraw

Gravity-resisting moves in sepak takraw

Basic rules and scoring for sepak takraw are matching to volleyball. Each team is allowed the highest of 3 touches of the ball to send it across the other side – without allowing it to touch the ground, obviously. The first crew to score either 15 or 21 points, depends upon the rules in play, wins the set. The team that exists in 2 sets wins the match.

The match starts when a teammate throws the ball to the player while keeping one foot in a limited ‘serving circle’. He/she must kick the ball above the net with the other foot. After that, volleyball rules pretty much apply, apart from that the ball can not be touched by the hands or arms. Greatest takraw players mix exceptional foot-eye coordination with speed, anticipation, power, mobility, and acrobatic skills.

Sepak takraw is known for its sophistication and power of the methods used to send the ball aloft. Standard techniques consist of the single kick (making use of the arch or sole), instep kick, knee kick, shin kick, shoulder kick, and head kick.

An advanced tactic is cross-legged jump kick – crossing your left leg over their right and jumping up to kick the ball using the instep of the left foot. Another is the cross-legged knee kick, whereby the athlete crosses his left leg over his right over the right knee, before leaping into the air and kicking the ball with his right knee.

Great to know about sepak takraw

A spike is more difficult in sepak takraw than volleyball simply because slamming the ball down hard indicates getting your feet above the net. The action needed is a little bit like a bicycle kick in football, leaping and turning in the air to kick the ball. Qualified professional sepak takraw players are sporty enough to perform a spike and land on their feet. A good spike or spiker is often referred to as the ‘killer’.

Several of the most impressive feats are the rolling spike (the player leaps into the air to kick the ball over the opposite shoulder) and the sun back (similar to a scissors kick however over the same shoulder). Perhaps the most challenging kick of all is the horse-kick serve, made renowned by Thailand’s Suebsak Phunsueb – he’s one of the best players in the worldwide.


Types of sepak takraw in Bangkok

Net sepak takraw

Net takraw

Net takraw takes place in a badminton-sized court. Lots are drawn beforehand to decide the placement of players and the 1st serve.

In-tossing sepak takraw

In-tossing takraw

With a lower amount of rules to follow by, the aim is basically to see how many times the ball can be hit aloft by the user. It’s a means of training for a player. Some can hit the ball from openings which call for stooping or lying low. A good player will need to be able to hold the ball aloft for 10 minutes. If he is joined by others, the team should handle to maintain it in play for close to 1 hour.

Normally, this is a skill which only the most skilled players can handle: they have trained arduously, can concentrate for an extended period, and can use their bodies dexterously.


Circle sepak takraw

Circle takraw

The less acrobatic takraw wong (circle takraw) includes 5 to 7 players position in a circle, trying to keep the ball airborne as long as potential. Takraw wong is possibly the most common pastime among the Thai since no other advanced skills are needed, except for imagination of movement.

Hoop sepak takraw

Hoop takraw

Hoop takraw (lawd huang) is the most difficult type of sport. It’s related to circle takraw, but the objective is to put the ball into a basket-shaped net with 3 hoop openings in a triangular structure. The hoops are hanging around 5 to 6 meters over the ground.

Standing at the edge of a circle, each team is given an assigned time, usually 20 or 30 minutes, to throw the ball into the basket as many times as they can. Points are given for difficulty and creativity, so players break out their full repertoires of skilled maneuvers as cross-legged jump kicks.

In-scoring sepak takraw

In-scoring takraw

In-scoring takraw is played without nets or hoops. The ball rotates from player to player, each of whom scores points through skill. After 30 minutes or 10 opening throws, the greatest score decides the victorious one.