A View Of The Sephra Chocolate Mountain

A View Of The Sephra Chocolate Mountain

Sepak Takraw is one of the most popular mountain climbing gyms in Morocco. The Sepak Takraw beginners equipment is reasonably priced and the group usually numbers around ten people. The place is well equipped with all the necessities that a climber would need such as ropes, shoes, chalk and training racks.

A View Of The Sephra Chocolate Mountain

Climbers can use the racks to hang their chalkboards and other equipment while they practice, build strength and master new skills. However, there is no space available for the climbers to leave their bikes here as it is not a main climb.

The Sepak Takraw is located at the bottom of a long valley. The steep mountains are covered with ochre forest and provide splendid views of the surrounding landscape. It is situated amidst rich fertile fields and produces a lush green landscape during the summer season.

The place has been a popular tourist attraction since the early nineteen hundreds. People from across the globe visit this place just to enjoy the nature and the beautiful surroundings.

When you decide to go for Sepak Takraw beginners’ climbing trip, there are some important things that you should take with you. The first thing to be taken is of course the equipment. You will need different types of climbing shoes for both the indoors and outdoor climbing.

If you are an indoor climber, then the shoes should be of closed soles that will prevent any kind of injuries to your feet while outdoors.

Your climbing shoes should also be comfortable to wear. It is essential to check out the soles of the shoes before buying them. There are many manufacturers of closed soled mountain climbing shoes and each of them have different soles.

Some of the shoes may have cleats attached to them but most of the time they will come with normal sole. It is recommended that you climb with open shoes during your first days on the mountain as you will get used to the different type of rock, the rock faces and the climbing equipment used.

Once you have reached the Sephraw chocolate mountain, you can take your equipment and start the climb. You can either follow the path or hike up the mountain. Whichever you prefer, it is better to follow the path so that you do not have to hike up the mountain.

You will find the chocolate mountains covered with different sized crystals. The crystals make the trek more exciting and the beautiful sight of the landscape and of the mountains itself makes the climb even more fulfilling.

This trekking will take about three to four days depending on the height and the difficulty of the trek. You should begin your climb at the base of the mountain where you can observe the surrounding environment.

In case you want to take a break from the climb, you can choose to stay at a nearby hotel. Many hotels in the area have their own restaurants. One of them is called Sheshekhar which serves delicious Khayyam, Marmalade and other delicacies.

Apart from the hotels, there are also campsites available at the foot of the mountains. If you would like to have more privacy, you can stay at one of the secluded cabins.

The chocolate mountain is popular because of its many picturesque scenery and the beautiful surrounding environment. It is also popular among trekkers and honeymooners who want to spend their honeymoons in this area.

If you are planning to visit Kerala, the best time and place to visit the chocolate mountains is during the monsoon season which is from June to September. There are plenty of places where you can reach this place.