Sepak Takraw Rules and Scoring

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules and scoring in Sepak Takraw, read this article for some useful information. The game is played on a tennis court, and players wear a hand-woven rattan ball, playing jersey, shoes, and protective guards. Aside from the rules and scoring, the game can be confusing for those new to the … Read more

Sepak Takraw Court Dimensions and Players Positions

You need to know the measurements of a Sepak Takraw court before you play this game. The dimensions of a Sepak Takraw court include the width and length of the court. The net is ideally made of mesh and must be 1.52 m (5 feet) high for the men’s division and 1.42 m (4ft 6 … Read more

How Many Players in Sepak Takraw?

If you’re wondering how many players there are in sepak takraw, you’re not alone. Sepak takraw has a large global following. Teams compete in multiple competitions, with the biggest competition being the Asian Games. But did you know that it’s also a regional sport? In Canada, for example, sepak takraw is known as pak takraw … Read more

Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment

The Sepak Takraw beginners equipment consists of a ball with a synthetic rubber covering and spherical shape. The ball should have between 12 and 20 holes and be about 42 to 44 cm in circumference for men and 43 to 45 cm for women. The ball must be at least 170 grams and may be … Read more

Sepak Takraw in the Asian Games

Since 1990, sepak takraw has been included in the Asian Games. The first Asian Games were held in Beijing, China. It was then included in the Olympic program. But is the sport really competitive? This article will examine how the game measures up against its other Asian counterparts. Plus, you’ll learn how to prepare for … Read more

How Do You Play Sepak Takraw Step By Step?

The rules of Sepak Takraw are similar to those of volleyball. Both teams have a total of three players. The first player on the court is called the “Server” while the second and third players are known as the “Inside Left Inside” and “Inside Right Inside.” The goal of the game is to cross the … Read more

How Pronounce Sepak Takraw?

Many people wonder how to pronounce sepak takraw, the Malaysian word for coconut. The word itself is a foreign one, and you may be wondering how to say it correctly. The first thing that you can do to master the pronunciation of this name is to look up examples on the internet. You can also … Read more

Sepak Takraw Best Player

Sepak Takraw Best Player A sepak takraw best player is not a common thing to see. Many people may think of football players when they picture this game, but this sport has a unique style that is unlike any other. In fact, it requires more athleticism than other sports. Its most notable player is an … Read more

Sepak Takraw Court Dimensions and Positions of the Players

The court dimensions and position of the players in Sepak Takraw are important for this game. In the Malaysian version, teams consist of three players. The Teukgong, or player who is furthest back on the court, serves while the Inside Left and Inside Right players serve close to the net on each side. The court … Read more

Famous Sepak Takraw Players

The famous Sepak Takraw team has shaped the modern history of Bangladesh cricket. In fact, it is the only team that has won a World Cup in its native country. But this does not mean that the Sepak Takraw players do not contribute to the game. Many of them have played on international teams, such … Read more