Sepak Takraw Terminologies Commonly Used in Table Tennis

There are many terms and phrases in the Sepak Takraw game, but a few of the more common ones are the following. The first one,’sakari’, refers to the term used to describe the district in which the game is played. This word also means ‘foot,’ and is usually translated as’spike’. This phrase can be confused … Read more

Sepak Takraw Rules

Sepak Takraw Rules In order to appreciate the Sepak Takraw rules and scoring system, it is important to understand how volleyball works. A volleyball match is played between two competing teams where the goal is to score the most points to win the game. Each team member performs a specific set of volleyball skills in … Read more

What Is Sepak Takraw?

What Is Sepak Takraw? Sepak Takraw is an exciting game to watch and it looks like it will be heading towards becoming the next big thing in the volleyball world. It hasn’t quite reached that point yet but Sepak Takraw is certainly looking promising. Sepak Takraw translates to “seventh finger” in Indonesian. This is an … Read more

How Many Players In S Pak Takraw?

How Many Players In S Pak Takraw? If you are looking for the answer to the title question of this article, the following paragraphs might just have the answers you are looking for. The popularity of Spongebob Squarepants is unparalleled among toys, and so it was inevitable that a game based on the same would … Read more

Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment Guide

Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment Guide The Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment is a special item which is designed to help beginner players learn the game of golf in the easiest way possible. You will get tips from the best golfers in the world, to teach you all the basics of the game and the best way … Read more

Online Games – From Mahjong to Sports

If you want to play Asian games, you can try one of the online portals offering them. The variety of games is very large and the portal enables you to find the game you like from a variety of categories. You will be even more satisfied when you see the reviews posted by other players. … Read more

How Do You Play Takraw?

If you are a beginner and have never heard of Takraw before, then this article will be very helpful to you. If you have read any of my articles before, you will know that I love to teach beginners the basics of the game. If you are new to the game, this article will give … Read more

SePak Takraw Best Player For Cricket

SePak Takraw Best Player For Cricket When talking about cricketing in the region of Malaysia and Singapore, the name of Thaidongs Anuwat, or Thailands Anuwat as he is better known, often comes up. But what is a Thailands Anuwat and what does he do? Is he the best player in his team or is he … Read more

Sepak Takraw Court D Dimensions and Positions

Sepak Takraw Court D Dimensions and Positions If you have seen the Sepak Takraw video, then you are probably wondering what the big deal is about. Many people, including myself, have seen videos of this particular play numerous times over. However, what is it about? Why is it so mesmerizing? How does it affect the … Read more