Famous Sepak Takraw Players – Who Are the Best?

Cricket is known to be a game that has many facets, but the famous and loved batsmen are perhaps the most popular. It is almost a given fact that players like batsmen will always be remembered as great performers.

These are the men who score runs, take wickets and win matches for their team. Catching the eye of fans is easy when a batsman is good at his job.

Famous Sepak Takraw Players – Who Are the Best?

The famous players of Bangladesh are: Azhar Hussain, Mushfiqur Rehman, Shamsher Buttram, Kasim Ali, Imtiaz Bangladesh, Kamrul Islam, and Abdul Majid. These are all players that have been associated with a particular club or team throughout their entire career. Here are some of them who will be part of the famed sepak takraw team for the upcoming 2021 season.

Azhar Hussain is a batsman that has become a very famous sepak takraw player. He has scored plenty of runs and taken wickets for his team, as well as for other players. After retirement, he has made some remarkable efforts to become a coach at various levels.

He has been involved in the coaching of both state level and international teams. This is something that makes him a very famous sepak takraw player.

Mushfiqur Ahmed is another very famous player from Bangladesh that has also had an illustrious career. While he was playing for Rajamalai Academy, he became the first ever captain of that academy.

Later on, he played for both Barisal University and Al Azhar University. After that, he joined the national team for a brief period of time in the late 80s. Although he did not sign up for any big teams, he did retire a very popular player. A lot of fans have followed his career and now, whenever they see the name Mushfiqur Ahmed on the field, they have goose bumps.

Kasim Ali is another very famous player from Bangladesh that people like very much. As a bowler, he has been able to make use of the flexible wicket and has been very successful with it.

His all round game has been very impressive and he has even reached the Twenty20 World Cup stage. He is also one of only a few Bangladesh players that have played for both the Indian and English teams.

There are a couple of other very famous players from Bangladesh that have also made their presence felt in the world game. Azhar Ansari and Mominul Haque have also played some significant roles in the development of the game. They have both played a vital role in the growth of the game.

Both players have received lot of international praise and have gained a lot of fans. One can also consider players like Sabbir Abdul Ghaffar and Mohibur Islam to be famous sepak takraw players. They have also bagged tons of accolades and have even won some silver medals at international level.

Of all the famous players of Bangladesh, only one player stands out as a true ambassador for the game. The player is Shakir Achmal. The great cricketer is always seen in the limelight and he has been a constant face of the game in the decades that he has been a professional player.

Whenever there is some news regarding any kind of contribution that the game might make, Shakir will be the first to be spotted. Most people can remember him because of his incredible physique that he has and his gentle manner.

There is no denying the fact that Bangladesh is home to some of the most talented and exciting sportspeople. A look at the list of famous takraw players will show you that Bangladesh boasts of many cricketers of very good caliber.

It has given hope to many aspiring players to succeed in the game. You only need to play well to earn your name in the field of takraw and to enjoy the immense mental peace that comes along with this sport. Bangladesh is home to talented cricketers and all of them are gifted with some unique qualities that can help them excel in the game.