Sepak Takraw History

sepak takraw history

Whether you are an avid sepak takraw fan or just curious about the history of this renowned martial art, it’s important to understand its roots and origins. In this article, we’ll talk about how it began, the spread of the sport across Malaysia and Thailand, and the international recognition it’s received.


Originally played with a rattan ball, Sepak Takraw originated in Southeast Asia. It is now an established sport in 25 countries. There are different versions of the game at international level, including doubles, Regu, and Kator.

The earliest mention of the sport is from the Malay Annals, which is a 15th-century historical text. In it, Raja Muhammad accidentally stabs Tun Besar. The crown prince responds by killing the takraw player.

In the sixteenth century, the game spread to Indonesia and then to South Sulawesi. It was also popular in Thailand during the reign of King Naresuan of Ayutthaya.

In 1829, the Siam Sports Association developed the modern rules of Sepak Raga. It also introduced a volleyball-style net. However, sepak takraw continued to be played in the villages without a referee. The sport was then considered an athletic game, and was played by individual players.

In 1965, the Malaysian Sepak Takraw Federation was created, and was included in the South East Asian Peninsular Games. A year later, the Sepak Takraw Association of Canada (SATC) was founded, and its first tournament was held in Canada.

In the 1980s, the sport gained popularity in the United States. A group of Asian immigrants brought the game to the United States. One of the early advocates was Saskatchewan teacher Rick Engel. He helped spread the game throughout the country, and was a major contributor to the sport’s development. He has written three instructional books on Sepak Takraw, and has conducted Sepak Takraw sessions at physical education conferences. He has also worked with the American School Executive Committee’s (ASEC) International School Presentation Program to introduce the sport to teachers across the country.

In the 1970s, a group of Malaysian and Thai Sepak Raga players traveled to Bangkok for the Asian Games. While the Thai team dominated the competition, Malaysia won gold. This forced Thailand to improve their team. Today, Thailand dominates the world in Sepak Takraw.

Sepak Takraw is now a regular feature at the Asian Games. It has teams in 25 countries. In recent years, synthetic fiber or plastic has been used to make the balls.

Early development

Hundreds of years ago, Sepak Takraw was played in Southeast Asia. It was a game similar to volleyball, and it has since evolved into a popular sport throughout the region. The first recorded record of the game is a 15th-century document written in Malacca, called Sejarah Melayu.

The game was played by the royal court of Malaysia in the 15th and 16th centuries. It was also played in the Philippines and Brunei during that time. The earliest versions of the game are believed to have been designed to train the body, and to help players relax after long periods of sitting.

The first formal rules for Sepak Takraw were introduced during the 1940s. Several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Laos, negotiated to create a single set of regulations for the sport. These rules were drafted by the Siam Sports Association.

A game like Sepak Takraw requires some spectacular flips and jumps. The best players can kick a ball into the air, roll through it, and land on their feet. They can also pass the ball to each other three times.

The origins of Sepak Takraw are unclear, but there is evidence that it is an ancient Chinese game. During the 11th century, it was played in Myanmar and Brunei, and by the 15th century, it was being played in the Philippines. The earliest version of the game was not a competition, but rather a training tool to develop agility and flexibility.

The game was later introduced in the United States. Its earliest version was a rattan ball that was similar to volleyball, but smaller. The game became popular in the 1950s. Schools began playing the game, and it was added to the physical education curriculum.

In 1965, the Malayan Sepak Raga Federation was formed. This group was the first to include the game in the South East Asian Peninsular Games. In the first two Asian Games, Malaysia won gold, forcing Thailand to improve its team.

In the 1960s, a meeting in Kuala Lumpur aimed to standardize the game’s regulations. The organization’s first president was Khir Johari. The meeting was followed by the formation of the Malaysian Sepak Takraw Association.

Spread to Malaysia and Thailand

Several hundred years ago, sepak takraw was an ancient sport in Southeast Asia. It was played by the royal court in Malaysia. This game has roots in an ancient Chinese game that involved juggling a woven ball with feet. This game improved foot-eye coordination.

The game of sepak takraw has spread to different countries across the world, but it originated in Southeast Asia. Today, it is popular in Thailand and the United States. It has also been introduced to other countries, especially in Indonesia and the Philippines. It is known by various names in the Southeast Asian region, including Sipa in the Philippines and Takraw in Indonesia.

It is an exciting sport, and requires players to perform spectacular jumps and flips. The rules are similar to volleyball. However, instead of hitting the ball with your hands, you use your knees to hit the ball. In order to be considered a winner, you must get the ball past the opponent’s net. If you fail to do so, your team will earn a point.

The sport is governed by the International Sepaktakraw Federation. The federation is responsible for major international tournaments. It has a membership of over 30 countries. This federation aims to spread the sport around the globe. It has also helped to develop Sepak Takraw as an art form in Southeast Asia. It has a Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers.

The sport is popular in Malaysia and Thailand, but has been introduced to other countries, such as the United States. It is now played in schools and at club level. It is a popular activity during celebratory events in these countries.

The most common equipment used in sepak takraw is a synthetic fiber ball and a net. This type of ball was originally made of rattan strips. The synthetic fiber ball has replaced the rattan balls in recent times.

In order to play sepak takraw, teams of three players are required. The team that scores the most points is the winner. The goal is to make the other team play the ball in the least amount of hits possible.

International recognition

Initially, Sepak Takraw was not recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). However, the sport has gained recognition recently, especially among young people. The International Sepak Takraw Federation is working towards obtaining IOC recognition.

Sepak Takraw is a fast-paced team sport. Players use their arms, legs, and hands to strike a grapefruit-sized woven ball over a five-foot net. In order to win, the first team to reach 21 points wins the match.

Sepak takraw originated in Thailand, and is now played across Southeast Asia. It is similar to the native sports of the Philippines and Myanmar. Originally, the game involved cooperative displays. In the 1940s, rules were introduced. A net was also added to the game.

The first Sepak Takraw World Cup was held in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This event was broadcast in 68 countries and featured 180 athletes. The third World Cup will be held in 2022.

The game has a strong national presence in Indonesia, Singapore, and South Korea. It has been a medal sport in the Asian Games since 1990. It is also a demonstration sport in the World Games.

Currently, the International Sepak Takraw Federation has over 30 member associations. It is responsible for organizing major international tournaments. It has the Secretariat in Singapore.

The sport is very popular in Southeast Asia, but has been making its mark in other parts of the world recently. The sport is even vying for an Olympic spot. The International Sepak Takraw Federation is confident that the sport will one day be recognized by the IOC. It is also working on a task force to get the sport into the Olympics.

The sport has been playing an important role in the Southeast Asian Games. It has been the most-attended sport for the region. In fact, it was included as a demonstration sport at the 2009 World Games in Chinese Taipei. It was also an official sport for the 2012 Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The best players can do somersaults and roll through a bicycle kick to slam a ball with great force into the downward trajectory.