Sepak Takraw Type of Sport

sepak takraw type of sport

Sepak takraw is an athletic game requiring speed, strength and agility. Originating in Southeast Asia, it has since spread around the world.

Players use their feet, knees and chest to control the ball in much the same way that soccer or foot bag (known as Hacky Sack in America) players do. Rules are similar to volleyball.


Sepak takraw is an ancient sport from Southeast Asia that’s similar to volleyball but where your hands are used instead of your feet (mostly).

This game was originally played by indigenous Malays in Malaysia and Indonesia with a ball made from cane or rattan. Around the 15th century, it spread throughout Malacca Sultanate, then spread throughout the Malay Archipelago before reaching South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

It is believed that the sport was spread to these countries through commercial contact between China and its neighbouring nations. Furthermore, some scholars suggest the original game was inspired by an ancient Chinese military exercise where soldiers would attempt to keep a feathered shuttlecock airborne by juggling it with their feet.

It is believed that this type of ball game had an influence on European football, which began with a shuttlecock and later switched to using woven leather balls. Although it remains uncertain whether sepak takraw evolved from this or vice versa, it seems likely both games shared their roots.

Two teams called regus compete on a court that looks similar to badminton with a net in the centre. Each side has three players – one standing furthest back on the court and two closer to it on either side – playing against each other for victory.


Sepak Takraw is an ancient sport with roots in the 15th century. It was played on a court resembling badminton and its ball made of rattan or cane.

Currently, ISTAF (International Sepaktakraw Federation) regulates international tournaments. This game has become immensely popular throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

The rules of the game involve players on each side of the court kicking the ball with their feet, legs, head, and chest to score points. The first team to reach 21 points wins a set; and whichever team has won three sets will advance to victory in the match.

Sepak Takraw courts consist of a flat, horizontal surface measuring 20 feet by 44 feet. They are divided into two equal halves by a central line and quarter circles drawn at either end of this dividing line.

Sepak Takraw has several distinct serving techniques, such as the horse kick serve and sunback spike. These moves require skill and flexibility to execute properly, making them unsuitable for beginners.

Sepak Takraw players are forbidden from touching the ball with their hands and touching the ground leads to a fault. The ball itself is spherical in shape, made out of synthetic rubber or rattan; though these materials are becoming less common nowadays.


Sepak takraw is similar to volleyball, except the players use their feet instead of hands. This fast-paced sport necessitates physical fitness as well as teamwork.

Teams must be able to hit the ball over the net in order to score a point. In order to do this, players must kick it three times with their head, knees, legs and chest. Failing to return it within these three touches constitutes an error which grants one point to the opposing team.

As a player, it’s essential to become familiar with the scoring system. Doing so will enable you to comprehend what your opponent is doing and how best to beat them.

The serving Regu is awarded a point whenever they hit the ball that the opposing team cannot return within three touches or when it is out of bounds. Furthermore, any time the serving Regu commits an error, that team also gets credit for it.

Sepak takraw players often make the mistake of kicking the ball too many times. This can be caused by either bending their knees too much or hitting it with their leg.

Additionally, mastering the correct moves on court is paramount. Many techniques in this sport require extensive practice sessions to perfect and execute flawlessly. For instance, an inside kick is a common move used by players in this game which helps them control the ball and ultimately help them win matches.


Sepak takraw is a form of sport that requires two pieces of equipment: a net similar to volleyball’s net, and an artificial rattan ball.

The playing court is an expansive area measuring 13.4 by 6.1 meters (44 feet x 20 feet). It is divided into two equal portions by a vertical net hanging at 1.55 meters in height.

Playing rugby is a fast-paced and athletic game that requires good physical fitness and flexibility to perform effectively. Additionally, successful teamwork and collaboration are essential ingredients in its success.

There are various versions of this sport. Some are more popular than others.

A great player can hone their skills through practice and training. A supportive coach can assist them in reaching their objectives.

Meswan Satin began learning the sport of hockey as a child and eventually made the national team. Subsequently, he relocated to Singapore where he now teaches the sport.

He founded the Sepak Takraw Association of the Philippines and brought it to America. In the 1980s, Asian students from Northrop University in Inglewood established a Takraw club.

Tennis is a relatively affordable sport that can be found at most sporting stores. All that’s necessary to begin is an excellent pair of tennis shoes, a net and ball.


Sepak takraw, also known as kick volleyball, is a game that blends soccer and volleyball. Players use their feet, head, and knees to kick a rattan ball around.

Sport that is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Not only in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia but worldwide as well.

This game is played between two teams, known as “Regu,” and it involves a net. Each team consists of three players.

In the game, players must serve the ball over the net and attempt to ground it on their team’s side of the court without letting it touch down on the floor.

A player who hits the ball with their foot may be able to secure victory for his team, but they must be mindful of all rules.

Furthermore, the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF) regulates this game. The ball used in play must be spherical, made out of either synthetic fiber or natural rattan.

Before each event, the ball must be inflate with air pumps. For men’s events, the circumference should not drop below 42 cm nor exceed 44 cm, while women’s events require no less than 45 cm and no maximum height of 47 cm.

Sepak takraw players need to be fast, agile and possess strong legs. Additionally, they must exhibit high bursts of energy during their rallies.


Sepak takraw is an exciting sport that requires players to use their feet and legs to kick the ball over a net. Combining volleyball and gymnastics skills, these results can be truly spectacular!

The International Sepaktakraw Federation, formed in 1988, administers tournaments around the world. It’s a popular sport throughout Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

In addition to the fundamental kicking skills used during competitive play, players can also develop different techniques for serving and hitting the ball. One such technique involves using your thigh as if you were hitting it with a kick – similar to how tennis players hit with their kicks.

Another technique involves using the forehead to serve or strike the ball. This approach may be effective when the ball is too high for a traditional kick.

Training such as this can aid players in improving their flexibility and strength. It may also serve to prepare the body for strenuous movements that come during competition.

Sepak takraw is a game that requires great flexibility and strength, so it’s essential to become familiar with the movement before beginning training. Begin by doing simple stretches such as sitting cross-legged and bending your knees – these exercises will help increase your flexibility levels.