Sepak Takraw

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Sepak takraw is a fast-paced sport that requires a high level of fitness. It combines ball skills (kicking and juggling) with the agility and acrobatic moves of gymnasts and the instinctive reflexes of competitive badminton players.

The game is governed by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF). Major competitions include the ISTAF SuperSeries and World Cup.

Minimum height requirement

Sepak takraw, which literally means “kick ball,” is a volleyball-like sport that originated in Southeast Asia. It is played on a court with a net across the middle. Players use their feet, head, knees and chest to make contact with the ball.

The minimum height requirement for sepak takraw is a little over five feet, eight inches. This makes it a very low-impact activity that requires a great deal of fitness.

This is because the game involves a lot of jumping and foot kicks. A player needs to be able to perform these skills at a high level if they want to win the game.

However, the minimum height requirements for sepak takraw are not set in stone. The minimum height requirement can vary based on the size of the court you are playing on and the ball you are using.

According to research, a height of between 154 and 176 cm is an appropriate range for the game. This is consistent with other studies that have shown that a player’s height may not be an important factor in performance.

The sport has gained international popularity, and there are teams in many countries. The Philippines has a team that competes internationally and is led by veteran players Jason Huerta, Reyjay Ortuste, Mark Joseph Gonzales, Josefina Maat, Des Oltor, Ronsted Cabayeron and Sara Catain.

In Canada, the game has been introduced through Asian Sport, Education and Culture International (ASEC) and a Saskatchewan teacher named Rick Engel. Engel helped to introduce the game to schools and physical education teachers throughout Canada and has written three instructional books and published several DVDs on the game.

There are a few different types of balls that can be used in sepak takraw. These include a rattan ball and a synthetic ball. The rattan ball is made from a woven material that has 21 intersections and 12 holes. It has a circumference of 42 to 44 cm for men and 43 to 45 cm for women, and weighs between 170-180 g for men and 150-160 g for women.

The synthetic ball is also made from a woven material that has 20 intersections and 12 holes. It has varying weights depending on the player, but can be between 170 and 180 g for men and 150-160 a for women.


Sepak takraw is a popular team sport in Southeast Asia and is growing in popularity across the world. It is a variation of volleyball, but instead of using the hands and arms, players use their feet, chest, and head to kick the ball over the net.

It is a fast-paced game that requires skill, coordination, and a lot of effort. This is why it is a great choice for a sport that can be played by students of all ages.

The equipment needed to play sepak takraw is simple, and it can be purchased inexpensively online. However, if you plan on competing at a high level, it is best to invest in some professional-grade equipment.

A net is essential for sepak takraw, and it should be made from strong materials to ensure a high degree of tension in the net. It should be at least 1.45m tall for female competitions and at least 1.55m for male competitions.

Besides the net, the other equipment required for sepak takraw is a ball and a court. The ball should be a light-weight material, and the court should be in compliance with regulation size and markings as set out by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ITSAF).

If you’re looking to start playing this fun game, it is recommended that you buy a pair of shoes from Nanyang, a Thai brand that makes shoes specifically for sepak takraw. These shoes are lightweight and have flat soles to provide a good grip on the court.

There are several different ways to kick the ball, including the instep kick, knee kick, shin kick, and head kick. One of the more advanced techniques is the cross-legged jump kick, where a player crosses their left leg over their right foot, before leaping into the air to kick the ball with their instep of their left foot.

These moves can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to wear proper safety gear. A pair of goggles and a face mask are also recommended for protection from injuries.

The rules of sepak takraw are similar to those of volleyball, but players must be careful to not touch the ball with their hands. This can result in a foul and a point for their opponents. In addition, they must not swing their arms or body while they are kicking the ball.

Court size

Sepak takraw is a game that is played on a court similar to volleyball with a ball. It is a sport that originated in South Asia and has spread to other parts of the world. The courts are typically indoors on a floor of wood or rubber but some are outside on sand, dirt, or grass.

The game is governed by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF) and has been played worldwide since its inception in the 1940s. It is currently gaining popularity year-on-year, especially in Europe and North America where there are significant Southeast Asian communities.

In a Sepak Takraw game, two teams of three players each compete. The serving team, called the Tekong, is placed furthest back on the court while the other two players, the bowler/setter and striker/killer, are positioned near the net in a half-circle.

A rattan ball is used in the game and is spherical in shape. It can be made from rattan or synthetic fiber, but it must meet the ISTAF specifications and weigh 170-180 grams for men and 150-160 grams for women.

The net is generally made from nylon or fine cord with six to eight centimeter mesh, much like a volleyball net. The net is placed across the playing area, and it should be 0.7 metres wide and 1.52 metres high at the center of the court.

When playing the game, the first team to score 21 points wins a set. If the two teams are tied by 20 points, a tiebreaker is played.

This is a fast-paced game with a lot of movement, so it’s important that the players stay healthy and injury free. The best way to prevent injury is to play with good technique and practice your skills before you compete.

To help with injury prevention, most players wear ankle supportive bands while playing and forehead bandanas to protect their eyes from sweating. They also wear head protection to avoid concussions or skull fractures.

The players in this game can do a variety of moves, including spiking, which is the act of slamming the ball down hard to make it land on their feet. This is a harder move than in volleyball because you need to jump and flip in the air to kick the ball, and it requires an athletic level of skill.


Sepak takraw is a sport that is popular across Southeast Asia, with several different countries competing in it. It’s a fast, fun and competitive game that can be played by both men and women. The game is governed internationally by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF), and teams compete in multiple tournaments worldwide.

The rules of Sepak takraw are very similar to those of badminton, with the main difference being that it is played on a net. There are two teams, known as’regu’, and each team has three players. The court is about twice as large as a badminton court.

Each player can have a maximum of three touches on the ball. When this happens, they need to return it back over the net before it reaches the ground. The goal is to get as many points as possible before the opposition scores one point.

In a normal set, a team needs to score 21 points by two clear points in order to win. If the set is tied, a tie breaker is played in which the first team to reach 25 points wins.

There are also many variations of the game, which can be found in the Philippines, Burma, Indonesia and Thailand. These include Sipa, Ching loong, Kataw, Kator, Sek dai and Takraw.

As with other sports, the key to winning sepak takraw is skill and fitness. It is a very fast and physical game, and requires athletes to be flexible, strong and well-trained.

Sepak takraw is also played by children as young as six years old. It’s a great way to stay active and fit while having fun, and can be very social.

The sport is growing in popularity across the world, and is particularly popular in the USA and Canada where there are a number of Asian communities. It is also increasingly being played in Europe.

In Canada, the sport was introduced to schools by a Saskatchewan teacher, Richard Engel. He included it in Asian Sport, Education & Culture International’s school presentation program and helped to organise Canada’s first inter-provincial Sepak Takraw tournament.