The Best Player By Far

The Best Player By Far

Indonesia has long been a force to be reckoned with in the world of football. Under the tutelage of hard man coaches like Kep Son and Ramiah Sundberg, they have won the Asia Cup twice and the FIFA World Cup once.

On paper they have some of the finest footballers in the world, with players like Sukiek and marquee player Milindrome leading the team. However, to make any lasting impact, this team needs to have one very important player; one who is a goalscoring machine.

The star player for Indonesian club teams is Thong Mo of FC Jakarta. He has established himself as one of the best striker available in the market. Thong Mo is known for his lightning speed and has become a goalscoring sensation since he was a teenager.

He has also scored numerous goals from outside the box and has been named as one of the best Asian goalscorer for the past three seasons.

Despite being the youngest player in his team, Mo has never let that get him down. Despite missing almost a month of matches due to a thigh injury, he has still managed to score four goals in his time with the club.

This has not gone unnoticed by the club hierarchy. Coach Sinus Reco described Thong Mo as “a great competitor”.

In the middle of the pack is another young attacker called Bakary Soumyani. The promising right back has impressed coach Anwar Habibie. He has impressed since making his debut in the league against Vasco Da Gama in March.

Bakary Soumyani has impressed most fans of Indonesian football with his tenacity and desire to become one of the best players in the country.

The third in line to join the best players in the league is a 23-year-old defender called Mohadi Farah. The energetic defender is also a regular in the central defensive pairing for the club. Farah has impressed during his two weeks on the squad as he tries to prove himself to the team.

Mohadi Farah is a versatile player who can play at left back or right back, although most team coaches prefer to have him play in the center of the defence.

The last young player to feature for the Sepak Takraw side is 25-year-old midfielder Hussein Ebang. Hussein Ebang joined the club in the summer after spending some time playing in the Malaysian Superliga. The attacking midfielder has impressed coach Deshpande and the club’s coaching staff during the first few weeks of the season.

Ebang has impressed the coaches with his high work rate and defensive attributes. Most players with his level of ability are expected to play every week, and Ebang is no different. Although the team are yet to win, their results have certainly put them within the expectations of the supporters.

All of these players are part of what is proving to be an exciting and successful Sepak Takraw team. The players are all leaders who are happy to play their part and contribute to the success of the club. The players are committed to winning for their country and this is something that the whole club feels.

The players are focused not just on earning money and a spot on the international scene, but making it and being proud of it. This is a big part of what makes them the best players in the game.

This season, there will only be two very strong players to challenge for the position of Sepak Takraw Best Player. These two men are going to be hard to beat. There are plenty of other promising players on the team, and any of the other first team players should have a fairly easy ride to the top.

It will just come down to which player earns more playing time. The younger players are already earning a lot of praise from the club’s supporters and this is only going to increase in the coming months.