Is Sepak Takraw the Best Player of All Time?

Is Sepak Takraw the Best Player of All Time?

The Thailands Best Player for 2021 is none other than Sepak Takraw. He has impressed all that have seen him play in his homeland. His abilities have caught the attention of the national and international team management since he was a member of the squad that travelled to Malaysia for the first ever Asian Games.

In this article we will discuss his performance in the games. We will look at his strengths, weaknesses and what makes him so special in the southeast Asia. Interview with him from his current team to give you an insight into the game.

Recently in an interview with Asia’s leading sports magazine Cairns Asia, Singaporeans Thaillefs Anuwat confirmed that he is the best player from their team. We know that Thaillefs is an excellent kick volley and also likes to hit the net. But it seems that he can also be a great player if he uses his abilities to excel on the floor and not just in the foul line.

Thaillefs has been playing for quite a few years now. He played college in Australia before coming to join the Thrashers in 2021. He actually moved from Australia to join Malaysia in the off season but then stayed to play in the Asebes club teams all through the 2021-10 season.

Most of the teams that he has joined Malaysia and Singapore have not been too successful. Even in the group stage of the Malaysian Championships, Thaillefs didn’t play very well. In fact he scored only one goal in the entire tournament.

But then in the Asian Games he showed great improvement and was named the best player of the competition. It seemed like that this performance was worth giving a spot in the Malaysian national team for the games in Thailand.

And since then he became a national hero in the eyes of many people, because not only did Thaillefs win the national championship, but he has also become a popular name in the whole country, apart from being the star player of sepak takraw, a popular showbiz personality in Malaysia and even in some other countries in the Far East.

So why is he the best player for sepak takraw? The answer is simple. There are many good players in the world today but none of them has done as well as Thaillefs. Not only did he win the most important national tournament ever held in Malaysia, but he also made his reputation as one of the best players in the world, apart from being the star player of sepak takraw, a very popular showbiz personality in Malaysia and even in some other countries in the Far East.

If we compare him with some of the other top players in the world today, such as David Beckham, legends Pele and Diego Maradona, why is it that Thaillefs can’t even be compared to them? For starters, Pele and Maradona were at that time in their golden days, when they were absolutely at the top of their game.

Thaillefs maybe are at the moment, but no Pele or Maradona when they were at their prime, so what makes Thaillefs the sepak takraw best player of all time? Well, there are a lot of things to answer that but in the end, the answer is simple.

The fact is that many people in the world today who are the greatest sports stars of their time, such as Beckham and Ronaldo, have yet to be compared to the great Thaillefs. They are the celebrities of their generation, while Thaillefs is a true Malaysia, the real country of grass-eaters and tea-eaters.

As the saying goes, sepak takraw is our tea-eater and we love our grass-eaters, and most of our celebrities, aside from the likes of Bruce Willis and Robert Redford, fall into this category of true Malaysia, like ourselves, Thaillefs included. So, I really hope I answered your question, “Is Sepak Takraw the Best Player of All Time?”