Sepak Takraw Rules and Scoring

Sepak Takraw Rules and Scoring

Sepak Takraw is a popular strategy adopted by many football clubs in Africa. The game is played in three phases. In phase one, the match is organized; in phase two, when the teams have been decided, players play their positions; and in phase three, play continues till one team has won or drawn. As a rule number one indicates, there are seven points that count for a win.

Scoring is pretty easy: Avoid unnecessary faults. The second part explains how to play sepak takraw. A point is scored when one or more of your team’s sepak takraw rules have been violated. When a team allows the ball to touch the ground prior to its side being declared out, the other team gets a point.

To make the game exciting, the referee (or his assistants) announce when a goal has been scored. This announcement may be done via radio or television. In addition, the team that scores the most goals within a set period wins.

Now, let us see how to play sepak takraw with the help of Sepak Takraw rules and the way they apply to the game of football. The first point made in the rules is that no object may be used to obstruct the opponents view, line of sight or hearing. If there are objects such as chairs, poles, posts, walls etc which obstructs the view or the hearing of a player then they are to be removed. This rule also applies to any kind of tackle or kick intended to stop the opponents from gaining access to a certain area.

The next rule is “no substitution allowed”. In case your opponent makes a substitution during the game, you are not allowed to make a substitution and vice-versa. The same applies for when a goal is scored. You are not allowed to play sepak takraw after a goal has been made.

The last rule under Sepak Takraw is “no restriction of the number of touches”. A player can have up to three touches in order to activate the “play takraw” option. If he doesn’t have any three touches, he is not allowed to play takraw.

The game is normally played between two teams, with each team composed of 12 players. Two alternated coaches are assigned to each side. Each team must consist of at least four players who are above the age of 18. The game normally starts with the referee initiating play. This can either be done by waving a red card or simply calling out the starting player.

Each team has three halves of ten minutes each. The game is usually played in a straight line, without any diagonal lines. The first half is normally played with only one team playing. In the second half, the sides may switch places. The winning team is the team that scores the most points within the time limit and wins the game.

One important aspect of the Sepak Takraw rules and scoring is the time limit. If a team fails to reach the time limit for the game, that team forfeits the game. When the game becomes uncontested, a point is given to the winning team. However, if still playing, the side with the most points is declared the winner. The rules are simple, with a maximum of 10 points being awarded for a win.

Every game starts with a throw-in. A player on the losing team throws the ball toward the opponents’ goal. If the ball is touched by a defender, the point is lost. When the ball makes it to the goal, a winner is declared. The last point is achieved when the player who started the game passes the ball to another player who starts playing next.

The basic rule for winning is a single throw-in. However, if two or more team members initiate plays, each must initiate a throw-in. It is also permitted to run onto the field and initiate a play. This is considered a foul and results in a penalty for both players.

Each match is seven minutes long. If the score is tied after the allotted time, the game is declared a foul. In case there is still no winner after the allotted time, the game is declared a draw. These are Sepak Takraw rules and scoring that you need to know if you want to play this sport.