Some of the Best Sepak Takraw Players in the World

The Famous Sepak Takraw is a family of talented Thai boxing champions. There have been six different winners of this title, and the current champion is Sukhumvit. Sukhumvit is also the trainer of some of Thailand’s most well known fighters including Sukhum Vancha and Kanpim Sirom. He also has been a sparring partner for some … Read more

Sepak Takraw Rules – How to Play Volleyball

Sepak Takraw Rules – How to Play Volleyball Rules of Sepak Takraw are a very popular, and very simple, card game that is played in the Muslim countries of Europe and Africa. The game is similar to the original game called Settlers of Canaan. It is usually played with two or more players, and each … Read more

Sepak Takraw Football Uniforms

Sepak Takraw, otherwise known as kick ball or called Sepaktak-TAW, is an indoor team game usually played on a hard court resembling a tennis court. It is not exactly a fast-paced game as tennis is, but it is easy and fun. Players dive, spin, jump, crouch and steal the ball like in badminton. The rules … Read more

How Many Players Are in That Table?

How Many Players Are in That Table? There are many ways of playing the game of Poker and one of them is to know how many players are in your Sepak Takraw. This is very important in order to decide which player will be the winner when you are going for a particular game and … Read more

Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment

Sepak Takraw Beginners Equipment Sepak Takraw beginners equipment can easily be bought online and extremely affordable. With this equipment you can learn how to play tennis. However, investing in this kind of basic gear in seam Takraw is really not costly at all. When you do your research you will discover that this type of … Read more

A Brief History of the Special Olympics

A Brief History of the Special Olympics Watch the Sepak Takraw Asian Games On TV: Sepak Takraw is one of the most popular and yet unheralded games that attract many to watch. In 2021, it was held at the Asia Games in Ranau Sports hall, Palembang, Indonesia. It was organized by Indonesian Olympic committee and … Read more

How Do You Play Takraw?

How do you play sepak takraw? First, you must have your team lined up in a square formation, with two on each side and the center forward on the right. Basic rules and scoring for the game are pretty much like volleyball. Each team is permitted a maximum of three touches of the ball onto … Read more

How to Pronounce Sepak Takraw

Why Silat Is the Best Player in Brazil

How to pronounce sea draw is not always easy. The sounds of the word “sepak” are different in every part of the world that it is spoken, but fortunately it is still the same word throughout most of the world. Pronunciation of the word can vary depending on whether the speaker is from the United … Read more

Footvolley is not Sepakraw. What is the difference?


You have probably heard about both Footvolley and Sepakraw. Sepakraw is not Footvolley. What’s the difference? Sepakraw is a sport that incorporates aspects of several other sports, all in one fun game. Sepakraw is basically beach volleyball with an extra element of racing. Sepakraw can be played both indoors and outdoors but is primarily played … Read more