Sepak Takraw Quick Guide

If you are new to sepak takraw, you may be wondering how the game is played. The game consists of three players: two regus and one player called the Tekong. The players are placed on opposite sides of the court. The first play begins with the ball traveling over the net.


A sepak takraw team consists of three different positions, each with a specific role to play during the game. The position a player plays may vary throughout the game, depending on the circumstances. Each position requires a different physical attribute. According to Steinhagen and colleagues, a player’s physiological profile differs between playing positions.

The three positions in the game of Sepak Takraw are the Tekong, the Server, and the Feeder. Each player has a specific role, and each has their own specific skill and role. The Tekong is the player who serves the ball. In the court, the Feeder must stay within a circle created by the Tekong, or quadrant, in which the server is standing. Players on the serving team are not allowed to leave the quadrant until the Tekong has served the ball.

The game of Sepak Takraw originated in the 15th century in Southeast Asia, but the game has grown considerably in popularity over the past several decades. Today, it is played in Southeast Asia, and is governed by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF). The game is popular worldwide and continues to gain popularity year after year.

Players on the court must be strong, quick, and agile. They should also have good foot-eye coordination. The ball in the game is a spherical, synthetic-fiber ball that has up to 20 intersections and is around 42 centimeters in diameter. Sepak Takraw involves two teams of three players each. The ball is approximately 42-45 centimetres in diameter and weighs 150 grams.


If you’ve been looking to start playing Sepak Takraw, it’s important to buy the right equipment. You’ll need tennis shoes, a net, and a ball. You’ll also need a set of instructions to help you play. Thankfully, equipment for Sepak Takraw is inexpensive and easy to find online.

To play the game, players place one foot at the back serving line and one foot near the net. The goal is to hit the ball with a partner. If the ball reaches the net, the receiving team scores a point. The game has been a part of the Asian Games since the 1940s, and there are regular Sepak Takraw World Championships. Players come from countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, and Laos.

Sepak Takraw equipment for beginners includes a ball that has a synthetic rubber covering. It should be about 42-44 cm in circumference for men and 43-45 cm for women. It should also weigh a minimum of one hundred and fifty grams. You should also get comfortable shoes.

As with any sport, proper equipment is essential for playing. The net should be durable and reinforced to prevent damage. A good pair of shoes is also an essential piece of equipment for playing Sepak Takraw.

Training regimen

A good training regimen for sepak takraw is an essential component of this game. It helps players improve their skills and technique in serving the ball. If the serving goes wrong, the player will miss a shot and miss a chance to score. However, there are several exercises you can do to improve your serve accuracy. These exercises include jump to box, incline bound and power legon.

A training regimen for sepak takraw should take into account the physical characteristics of the players. The physical characteristics of elite players are different from those of ordinary players, and the training regimen should take this into account. Using a research center for sepak takraw can help you make a more precise training regimen.

One of the training models you can use to improve service ability in sepak takraw games is the staged distance training model. This model allows athletes to perform melee service training at a distance close to their target, and gradually increase their distances to their actual target. As you get more comfortable with serving at a distance, you will become more confident in swinging your feet towards the target.

Warm up exercises are an important part of any sepak takraw training session. The sport demands strength, flexibility and agility, and a good warm-up can make all the difference. To warm up, you should begin by doing stretches. Ideally, you should sit cross-legged in a comfortable position and bend your leg until it touches your toes. Hold this position for half a minute.

Anthropometric profile

In the Philippines, sepak takraw is a very popular sport, but there is very little literature on its physical characteristics. To date, only one study has been published that focuses on the physical characteristics of players. This study aims to fill this gap by presenting the physical profiles of players in the national sepak takraw championship. The study was based on 39 players in three age groups, and the players were evaluated for their height, weight, percent body fat, maximum oxygen consumption, and heart rate.

The study used independent anthropometric measurements of the players to determine a baseline for comparison purposes. They also measured each player’s physical traits, such as vertical jump, explosive leg strength, tekong strength, and sit-up. In addition, competitive players were measured for the length of their rallies.

Sepak takraw players trained four hours daily, with morning and evening sessions. Each session involved physical conditioning and skill training. The physical training schedule included muscular endurance training, strength training, and flexibility exercises. The players also received psychological training. The researchers also determined that the athletes’ physiological profiles differed between positions and sports.

The study showed that the players’ VO2max levels were different between the three positions in sepak takraw. Players who were in the spiker position showed higher VO2max levels than players who played in the other positions. This may be due to the differences in the intensity of the work performed by each player in each position.

Court dimensions

Sepak Takraw courts are similar in size and shape to volleyball courts. They measure around 20 feet long and 44 feet wide, with four feet in between the sides of the court. The court should be flat and level. Players stand on opposite sides of the court, allowing them to move in the opposite direction without being in awkward positions.

Court dimensions in Sepak Takraw should be equal to the area of the court, and there should be no obstructions in the center. The centre line should be approximately 0.02 m (or 3/4 inch) from the edge of the court, and it should be at least 10 feet from other buildings or other objects. The front corners of each half of the court should be divided by a line that is 0.9 m or three feet in diameter.

The International Sepaktakraw Federation governs the sport internationally and conducts tournaments in different regions. The sport is also known by different names in different countries. In the Philippines, it is called Sipa, and in Brunei and Indonesia, it is called Sepak Raga. In Thailand, it is known as Takraw, and in Cambodia, it is called Sek Dai.

The court dimensions in Sepak Takraw differ from those in other ball sports. The players stand on opposite sides of the court, and the servers of each team stand in the serving circle. The bowler/setter is on the left side of the net, while the striker/killer is on the right side. The serving team is limited in their movement until the ball crosses the net. During this time, the opposing team is free to move.


Sepak Takraw is played by two teams of three players, each consisting of a Tekong, Striker and Setter. The Tekong serves the ball, while the players on the serving team must return the ball over the net. The first team to get 21 points in a set wins. A team has three attempts to make this happen.

The game’s rules are very similar to volleyball. The objective is to hit the ball through the net with three touches while avoiding contact with the ground. The goal of the game is to defeat the opponent team within two sets and win the match. The rules also specify that the serving team must stand in the service circle and keep one foot inside the circle. The ball must be touched only with the feet, as any other part of the body will result in a fault and a point for the opponent.

Sepak Takraw is a fast-paced game played between teams. Teams must be able to keep up with each other or they will lose the game. Sepak Takraw is becoming a popular sport outside its native area. It requires a high level of fitness, and requires players to have excellent bicycle kicks and foot kicks.

Sepak Takraw is still not an Olympic sport, but it is a growing sport in Asia. It is now part of many regional and international games, including the Southeast Asian games. It is governed by the International Sepaktakraw Federation (ISTAF). The federation’s goal is to make the sport more popular, including setting the rules for international competitions.